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New tour for 2014!
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Tour to Peru (Rio Kosñipata - the Manu Road) April 2015

 I am a very experienced butterfly tour leader, with over 30 tours to my credit,
and a highly acclaimed expert on Neotropical butterflies. 

Each year I lead one or two exclusive tours for butterfly photographers
and butterfly
watchers. On these tours I lead you to the very best sites to find
the most elusive and beautiful butterflies in the most stunning surroundings.

Prices vary depending upon the destination and length of the tour. 

Participant numbers are generally around 8 to 10, but I am happy to consider
tailor-made tours for smaller groups.

Destinations vary, and have included Brazil, Costa Rica, 
Ecuador, French Guiana, and Venezuela. 


With Andrew Neild as tour leader.

From the towering Andes to the dense Amazonian rain forest, Ecuador is incredibly diverse. With about 4000 species of butterflies recordered within its relatively small borders, Ecuador is arguably the butterfly capital of the world! Approximately 2000 species of butterflies have been seen in the areas we will visit!

For details of this exciting butterfly photography tour please visit the website of the tour operator, Sunstreak Tours (click here)

Details of  tours for 2015 and onwards will be posted on this web page. 
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This could be you!!!
( Mike Wilkins enjoying the beautiful Rio Pindo Grande, Napo province )